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ONAT4all results arrived to Italy!

    On the 8th of January TREKKIFY organised a face-to-face multiplier event aimed to showcase the ONAT4All results to a wider audience and discuss the topic of accessible tourism. The event took place at Angoletto di Pale, a mountain lodge located in Pale, a small village which is one of the main sport climbing areas in the Umbria region. Participants were representatives of local outdoor organizations, mountaineering clubs, social enterprises and public bodies.

    This event was crucial in promoting the project results from the project, as well as bringing together a diverse group of relevant actors on the topic of accessibility and creating a local network of stakeholders interested in promoting outdoor experiences addressed to people with disability. 

    The event began with an introduction by Eleonora Cesaretti (President of ASD Trekkify). After the introduction, Irene Morici (Project Manager at ASD Trekkify) gave an overview of the project and presented the project results, providing a live demo of the SAT and the online training course.

    After presenting the project results, Luca Pagliaricci (Project Manager at ASD Trekkify) facilitated an effective group discussion. During the discussion, participants provided information, feedback and perceptions on the project results. They explored current and critical issues within the topic of accessible tourism and social inclusion through outdoor activities. Additionally, they explored new ideas on how to cooperate to promote the access of people with disabilities to adventure and outdoor tourism.

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