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Final Dissemination event of ONAT4All in Brussels

    On 28 November, the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) held the final ONAT4All event in Brussels, Belgium, as part of its 60th-anniversary celebrations.

    The event was a success, with about 120 in-person attendees from Europe and an additional 100 participants online. Experts from Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Canada discussed important topics like accessibility, inclusive tourism, and sustainable development.

    The gathering allowed to highlight the different tools developed by the project partner to improve the accessibility of European small businesses, especially those in nature and outdoor tourism, with the goal of making tourism open to everyone.

    The event not only showcased project outcomes but also provided valuable insights into global accessible tourism. By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, the event contributed to ongoing discussions about creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for European tourism.

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