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ONAT4all succeded in Ireland

    Last month, our Irish partner, I&F, held their Multiplier Event to introduce the project’s results to Irish stakeholders. The recent event hosted a diverse range of attendees, representing various organizations catering to different disabilities, tourism, outdoor adventure centres, local resource hubs, stakeholders, activity centres, and information hubs.

    Attendees were encouraged to come prepared with information about their respective organizations, with ample space provided for networking and sharing. Dynamic presentations, including the use of a projector, showcased the journey and outcomes of the project, igniting enthusiasm among all present.

    A highlight of the event was a speech delivered by one of the stakeholders, who shared their journey and the tangible benefits derived from the ONAT4ALL Project, particularly as an owner and manager of an outdoor adventure centre. The positivity resonated throughout the room as others echoed their affirmations and experiences with the project’s growth and impact.

    Among the attendees was a service user whose invaluable contributions to focus groups were instrumental. To further support his endeavours, the organizers highlighted his book, chronicling his life and experiences with disability, inviting attendees to engage with him directly.

    The day was not only about sharing knowledge and learning about the project but also a celebration of collaboration and its tangible outcomes. It exemplified the power of collective effort in fostering inclusivity and creating positive change within communities.

    As reflections on this enriching experience continue, there is gratitude for the participation and enthusiasm of all involved. It’s through such collaborative endeavours that progress is made towards a more inclusive and accessible future for all.

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