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The guidebook Accessible Horizons is now available!

    The ONAT4All project is taking significant strides toward promoting inclusivity in the world of outdoor tourism with the launch of its groundbreaking guidebook, «Accessible Horizons: A Practical Guide to Outdoor Tourism for All.» As the second result of the ONAT4All initiative, this guidebook is one of a series of practical tools (Self-Assessment Tool, and, coming soon, Training Course and Accessible Digital Marketing Toolkit) designed as part of the ONAT4All project, with the aim of raising awareness of accessibility in the tourism sector and promoting the participation of people with disabilities in the aforementioned activities.

    Accessible Horizons is a testament to the project’s commitment to creating a more inclusive world of tourism. It offers valuable insights, tips, and practical advice on how to make outdoor activities and nature exploration accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

    To download your copy of «Accessible Horizons: A Practical Guide to Outdoor Tourism for All» in your preferred language, visit the «Project results» section and choose your preferred language. Do not hesitate to consult the other materials that we have launched!

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